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Real Estate Search On TV

Search homes nationally with your entire family! Keyboom has brought real estate search to your TV and made it fun! Search by city, zip code, address or MLS number, using your remote and instantly gain access to over 2 million real estate listings in the United States. With a click of a button easily access millions of photos, maps, property information and agent information on properties all around the US. Not finding all of the listings in your area on the Keyboom channel? Access all local listings on one of the agent channels in the new Keyboom Network (coming soon to all markets).

Agent & Real Estate Team Channels

Access all local listings on within the local MLS

Not seeing every available listing in your desired area within the Keyboom Channel? Check out our channel line up screen to access every available listing within your desired MLS onany of our agent or real estate team channels. Look for your favorite agent’s channel and workwith them directly through your TV with your entire family involved in the process! Available on Roku!

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Team Channels

Video Content Channels

See what’s going on within your desired market

Keep checking our channel lineup screen for video content channels related to your desired area of interest. Launching on Roku!

More Ways to Enjoy Keyboom TV!

IHeart Radio Screen
IHeart Radio

Home Search While Streaming Your Favorite Music or Radio Shows!

Keyboom has partnered with iHeartRadio to bring you your favorite music and radio shows while browsing properties or utilizing our screensaver which randomly shows you what’s available on the real estate market in your area of interest.

Real Estate Listings Screensaver

See the latest listings on our screensaver

Listen to your favorite music and have our screensaver show you what’s currently available in your desired area of interest. Our screensaver works off of your last search filters and only shows you what you’re interested in. The screensaver mode is also great for real estate offices and windows!

Robust Screensaver

Featured Streaming TV Devices

Amazon Fire TV & Stick

Amazon Fire TV & Stick

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Apple TV

Apple TV

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Supported on: Apple TV 4K & Apple TV 4th Gen.

Agents and Real Estate Content Providers

Join the Keyboom TV Network

Real Estate Search / Video Content Channels & Websites Powered by IDX


Branded to the Agent or Team

Powered by IDX and designed to engage the client on a much larger platform. Each channel is equiped with it’s own custom screensaver that clients can enjoy in their home and that can also be displayed in a real estate office. Have video? Display it on your own Roku channel.


Welcome to the Big Screen!

Looking for a solution to get your clients off of the national portals designed to steal your clients? Once users are used to the KeyboomTV experience they rarely want to go back to aPC, tablet or mobile app. Keyboom channels bring real estate search to the big screen where all members of the family can engage together!


Powered by IDX

Each Agent and Team channel comes with an interactive website that works with the channel on Roku. Clients can save searches and properties on either platform and view them on both the TV and PC. Agents can post individual listings on social media while also promoting their TV channel to gain more viewers.